Tuesday, October 30, 2007

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #94 - Triumph of the Will

Trust me, I feel down right icky posting this thing. Alas...

Triumph of the Will (1935)
Directed by Leni Reifenstahl
Unknown Designer (a nazi, perhaps?)
Film Nationality - Germany
Poster Nationality - Germany

Quick note: A look at the IMDb page for Leni Reifenstahl's nazi progaganda film Triump des Willens has a bevy of eye-widening moments. It's score of 7.9/10, forum topics such as "Don't think of the Nazis as 'evil'" and the film being called "The Nazi Woodstock". Scary.

Despite my feelings towards the film itself - besides being vile sludge of the highest order, it's technically amazing but it's frightfully dull as dishwater, I fell asleep at least five times while watching it - I can't deny that as a piece of propaganda it is easy to see how it succeeded in spreading the crap that it polutes the world with. And I also can't deny that as a central marketing key, this poster certainly works as as an attention-grabbing eye-catcher of a design. The wide-winged eagle (I think) just looks like a symbol for "victory" and the big bold text of the title shows authority.

I initially toyed with the idea of even allowing this movie onto the list because it's less a film than a piece of marketing in itself. Upon deciding to allow and actually placing it amongst the top 100 I felt a little irksome, but then I remembered that the American Film Institute named the poster for Birth of a Nation (1915) as the eighth best of all time, which I think is much much worse because not only is that film worse than Triumph of the Will (at least with Reifenstahl's film a person didn't sit down and write the garbage that was put on screen as, what? entertainment?) but that poster is far less striking as this one.

Such is life, I suppose. :/

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